The Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) is an advisory body of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India to recommend financial assistance to universities, autonomous institutes / deemed universities, academic institutions and national laboratories.  The key objective of BRNS is to encourage and promote scientific research in areas of relevance to the mandate of DAE in research groups outside DAE to derive benefits from their expertise.  DAE supports extramural research and development activities in nuclear and allied sciences, engineering and technology through its nodal funding agency – namely, BRNS, which continuously thrives to encourage, enthuse and support scientists and engineers in pursuing excellence in R & D programmes of interest and relevance to DAE.

Keeping in mind interdependency of basic research and technology development, the Department of Atomic Energy pursues basic research in nuclear energy and related frontier areas of science in its research centres and grant-in-aid institutions.  Through the forum of BRNS, DAE interacts with universities and academic institutions for research and development projects having a bearing on its programmes.

BRNS supports high quality R & D projects in the areas of relevance to its programme as broadly mentioned above.  BRNS lays emphasis on collaborative programmes between DAE scientists and scientific community outside DAE family.  Such a collaborative approach is expected to create and strengthen academic bond and promote closer interaction between DAE and Universities/Research Institutions.

Besides funding research projects, BRNS provides financial assistance to organize symposia /conferences / workshops /theme meetings on topics of relevance to the DAE programmes.  It also awards projects to young scientist to initiate them in a career of research.  Dr. K.S. Krishnan Research Associateship for attracting highly talented young scientist and technologists are being awarded regularly under the aegis of BRNS.  Recently, DAE-BRNS Senior Scientist Scheme has been instituted to utilize the expertise of active and energetic retired scientists / engineers who were involved in high quality research in the units of DAE or any  National Laboratory or  Universities / Institute and who after retirement are keen to carry out R & D in the field of their choice and of interest to DAE.  It also offers prestigious Homi Bhabha Chair to honour distinguished scientists.  In addition, BRNS also encourages visiting scientist programmes for promoting active interaction with senior level scientists.
The Terms of Reference

1. To advise the Department on financial support/ assistance to Universities, Research Institutions for work on specific research schemes/ projects and deal with all matters concerned therewith including identification of areas for intensive funding and formulation of project proposals.

2. To organize symposia in the various disciplines relevant to the mandate of DAE..

3. To advise the Department on the question of financial assistance to outside bodies for organizing symposia in areas of interest to the Department.

4. To advise the Department in framing research programmes or projects in special areas and financial support therefore, including assistance in the form of equipment and stores.

5. To assist the Department in the operation of the schemes such as DAE-Young Scientist Research Award, Dr. K.S. Krishnan Research Associateship and Visiting Scientists scheme.

6. To advise the Department in dealing with proposals for special assistance, on an ad-hoc or continuing basis, received from Universities and Research Institutions for setting up new laboratories for undertaking research programmes relevant to the mandate of DAE.

7. Any other matter referred to it by Secretary, DAE.

BRNS is headed by a Chairperson and its members include Chairpersons of all its Advisory Committees, experts with wide research and administrative experience from premier institutes in the country, and a Scientific Secretary.  Various functions of the BRNS Secretariat are discharged by senior scientists working as Programme Officers.
 The Department of Atomic Energy supports research programmes in Nuclear Science and Technology through the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS). BRNS supports the following schemes.
 Name of Scheme
 R&D Project
 Symposium/Conference/Workshop
 DAE Young Scientists Research Award
 Dr. K. S. Krishnan Research Associateship
 Raja Ramanna Fellowship
 Visiting Scientists
 Homi Bhabha Chair Professorship
 DAE Graduate Fellowships
 DAE Graduate Fellowships for Ph.D.
 DAE-SRC Awards

Applications seeking financial assistance to carry out research programmes and projects by the investigators have to be in the prescribed format (FORM-PPA). The soft copy of the project proposal should be mailed to brns@barc.gov.in and only two hard copies of the application form PPA are required to be submitted to BRNS office. The proposals received by the BRNS Secretariat are referred to the concerned advisory committee for evaluation and recommendations. The committee's recommendations are discussed in the board meeting. The board and its advisory committees meet two to three times in a year. The board periodically reviews the progress of the projects and investigators of large projects are invited for a scientific/technical presentation to the board. Financial sanctions for the projects approved by the board are released by DAE subject to availability of funds.

BRNS considers presentation and discussion of the results of R & D in open meetings as an important activity for the promotion of science and technology. Seminars and workshops are sponsored to promote interaction among active workers. Major national symposia have already been established in areas like nuclear and solid state physics, high energy physics, radiation and photochemistry, radiation and environmental sciences.

In addition to these, meetings organised by other agencies and institutions are financially supported by brns. Organizations seeking financial support to organize syposia and conferences should send the application in the prescribed format (Form E) so as to reach the scientific secretary at least two months before the scheduled board meetings. The board meets normally twice in a year.